Marketing Management Program

Marketing Strategies For Customer Engagement

When small and medium-sized businesses hear the term marketing, they often think of it as an expensive affair, one that requires a considerable amount of budget and spends. In the Manufacturing and ITES industries, your customers are mostly clueless about your products and technology, which are developed and built by spending a lot of money. But, due to the lack of marketing efforts your customers or prospects will never know about your story and how your product to products can benefit them.

Whether you are in retail, ITES or manufacturing, our marketing management program lets you champion your communication, customer experience and relationship in the most frugal and simple manner. The program has been designed in a manner that allows the key members of the organisation understand and create a customised plan that is most suitable to their need and budget.

We offer a customised consulting and communication program that will help you rise to the occasion and win the customer. Here is a glimpse into our module:

Step 1: Understanding what drives effective marketing
A one-day interactive workshop with the Founders, Owners, and leaders of the marketing and sales team, customer support team and business operations team. The session helps you learn the art of driving the emotional brain while exploring myths associated with the communication. It lets you understand how a customer can be turned into a suitable prospect, enables you to map out engaging customer experience and allows you to nurture your business through relationships.

Step 2: Internalising Customer-centricity
Feedback report based on the findings that will enable you to make your marketing plan more Customer-centric.

Step 3: Go-to-market strategy
An optional step, wherein we provide an extensive go-to-market plan along with the creative strategy to help launch the brand in the market.

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Marketing Management Program

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