The Story of Creative Factor

Our Purpose Of Existence
Our pursuit is to assist organisations realize their potential to impact their business, talent, customers and the society.

What We Do
We have two divisions, one that caters to larger enterprises and the other provides services to SMEs. For Enterprise clients, we focus on Integrated Marketing Services, as mentioned before, while for SMEs, we concentrate more holistically at an organisational level. Our flagship programs for SMEs are Brand Business Management Program, Workplace Cultural Transformation Program, Marketing Management Program and Business System Management Program.

About Creative Factor

Our company has a very humble beginning. It was designed to support the marketing heads of organisations at a strategic level. In our working career, we saw how different branches of advertising and marketing broke apart, forming independent industry segments. So typically if a marketing head wanted to launch a campaign, they will end up briefing multiple types of agencies, and every organisation will end up giving solution from their segment. So, the event agency will provide an event solution; a social media company will offer a social media solution. It is much like if you have the hammer as your only weapon, you'll end up fixing all the problems as nails. It made the life of marketing heads and managers more daunting. With this segmentation, you are not dealing with the real question and you are forced to deal with different media streams. Our method, on the other hand, was first to discover the real challenge and then to find the most effective means to deal with the problem,
Let's say that sales are down, and the first itch is to launch a re-awareness campaign, and you can blow many marketing dollars in extensive media campaign, but your problem could be that the sales representative at the store is unable to explain the product to a customer. It's difficult to explain everything in a print ad, or an online banner, human to human interaction plays a pivoting role. By helping the sales representative understand the product better, you can achieve the same results with a fraction of cost, and the best part is by this, you deliver a superb customer experience,

The Human to Human Business World.
A brand has to keep its relationships with five vital stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, channel, and investors. Healthy marketing practises first ensure that all these relationships are taken care of as each one is a growth lever. Despite our small size, our clients welcomed us to become their extended team. Our goal never was to replace our client's existing agencies, our goal was simple, to make things work for our clients. We collaborated with clients other agencies and collectively produced results, and we continue to do so. We share mutual respect and understanding with all of them. We are a Business Consulting and Communication company, and this is our core. We like to solve business challenges, and we continue to focus on strengthening the relationships that matter to every business.

Expanding Our Horizon
During the course of our journey, we realised that we also need to support Small and Mid-sized organisations. The challenges of SMBs are unique to their stage, and the method that works for a large enterprise will not work in smaller companies. However, despite the change of scale, even the smaller companies need to establish healthy relationships with their Employees, Customers, Partners, Channels and Investor. Our bandwidth was limited, so we took our time to develop our training programs, team members and formed new partnerships to cater to the Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises. Today, we support the Founders and CEOs of SMEs in resolving their bottlenecks to scale. These companies are the real backbone of our country as they provide more than 40% of employment. We did multiple in-depth studies of the SMEs and discovered that many of them are stagnant, or growing marginally due to lack of investment capital, talent, management practices, and changes in the economy. Once we identified the key areas, we went ahead and started building frameworks that will help them understand and deal effectively with their actual problems. We work as an extended team to customise, fine-tune and develop a plan that suits their organisation.

Establishing Consulting Practices
Running any business, large or small, is a daunting task. The larger the scale, the large the areas of problems. There are already multiple large business consulting organisations that are catering to large enterprises and doing some exceptional work. So, we have restricted us to focus only on the business communication and marketing, and our understanding of business environment allows us to comprehend their challenges more effectively. However, when it comes to SMEs, most of the large consulting companies are not able to cater to that segment, as their offerings and pricing model is a deterrent to the SMEs. More than the pricing SME business owners are overwhelmed with the suggested remedies to their challenges. SME owners need much more straightforward, transparent and practical solutions which will allow them to make vital decisions. How should SMEs retain their talent or how they can find the best talent, they don't have deep pockets in most cases they don't have a full-fledge HR team or budgets. Many don't have a marketing department, or even if they have allocated one resource for marketing, they may not have the marketing budgets. Founders are filling up for many roles, and therefore, they have become the business system. They are not able to capitalise on the new opportunities as they are already consumed in many other things that are vital for survival. What is great about them is despite all the constraints, they have done an exceptional job in keeping them alive. We understand all these challenges, and therefore, we developed specialised training modules which allow them to understand collectively and deal with their problems effectively. We don't catch the fish for them. We train them fishing.

The challenges we faced
Our first hurdle was to get paid for our thinking. Large companies usually pay for things. Convincing our clients to pay us for strategic thinking was the first hurdle we had to cross. Often we bet with clients and won their accolades by delivering the results. Our methods helped us becoming their extended team. Our Second biggest hurdle was to build the talent internally. You can either buy a talented candidate or nurture them; we didn't have deep pockets, so we focused on nurturing them not just in doing their work, but also how to deal with whatever life throws at them. We developed training programs to help them deal effectively at work and we have leadership programs to help them make effective decisions. We create an environment of care and mentorship. They responded with their commitment and support, especially when the time was hard. We learned from all our mistakes, and documented them and went after them. That is our spirit, and that is how we deal with challenges.

Uniquely Creative Factor
Our Unique Approach to problem-solving and our people are the biggest USPs we have. Our passion for problem-solving, and our team's commitment to ensure that we deliver on that promise is our most prominent cultural victory. Our customers are the real testimony of our journey so far. We believe in long term relationships. We do not have too many competition right from our inception, because we never tried to replace any of the existing partners of our clients instead we kept our focus on finding the real problem, working on the solution and executed along with our client and the other partners. The practices we have are uniquely developed; they provide us with the blue ocean opportunities. We never worked with our client's rival brands and stayed committed all through and through. Our clients have recommended us to other clients, and that is how our business has evolved in the last decade,

Clients We Served
We have been working with many clients in verticals like Retail, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Fashion, Information Technology, Lifestyle & Wellness, and Education. Some of them are well-established brands like Apple, Essilor, Schneider Electric, Dassault System, Reliance Retail. We are not at liberty to share the case studies, as we have signed NDAs with our clients

New Initiatives
We are now in the experience economy. Customer demand has risen exceptionally; the biggest challenge for large and small enterprises is to match up with this expectation. Technology alone will not do the magic. Humans still play the most critical role. Companies with exceptional customer experience will win hands down. To deliver this, companies need to refocus on all the relationships with: employees, partners, and customers. So, we are developing our solution frameworks in Enterprise segments to manage and grow these relationships. For our SME segments we have already introduced four unique solutions such as Brand Business Management Program which allows them to understand how to build their company's brand value beyond just logo design; Workplace Cultural Transformation Program which will enable them to retain and grow talent in a healthy work environment; Marketing Management Program which allows them to connect with their customers, build their relationships and deliver better customer experience; and Business System Management Program which enables them to design a business system freeing up their bandwidth for making their business future- ready,” says Tridiv Das.

Our Journey So Far
We are still a young organisation, and it has just been a decade. In the last decade, we have managed to extend our services for SMEs. We have grown in size from operating out of Bangalore to now catering to clients across four metro cities Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Chennai. We have developed our knowledge repository and team size to cater to the rising demand for our services, and we are writing books to equip our customers with a new mindset. The journey has just begun.

Our Plans Ahead
We are developing the ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Tomorrow any entrepreneur will be able to focus on the areas that matter to them the most, rest our partners and we will manage everything. Currently, we have partners who can assist our clients in achieving their: sales, finances, and legal challenges.

Our Gratitude
We thank all our clients, who believed in us and provided us with the opportunities. Wish to reach out to founders, owners of the small and mid-sized companies. We want them to know that we are here for them and they are not alone. We wish to acknowledge them for their contribution to our society and most of all, we want to bring the joy of running the business back so that they could discover their blue ocean and make waves.

Year of Inception: 2009

Core Management Team: Tridiv Das, Satish Kumar, Partho Sinha, Tripesh Das

Offices: Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurgaon, Mumbai

Total Headcount: 40